Weaving [your] echoes in [my] echoes

In collaboration with musician and composer, Oscar Robertson as the phase 1 of Just Wanted You to Know project.


Away with words.


Away from validation, away from affirmation.


A way with words that speak of the invisible emotions that you know of but cannot wholly confirm.


A way with languages that confoundingly echo the untranslatable into traces of certainty.


If I were to serenade you in a foreign language that only I can comprehend,

If you were to narrate the storms only you have witnessed,


Would there be a chance to weave ourselves into the fathomable bench of trust?


To ponder in the magnitude of listening to the incoherent, to the abstract, to the tones and tempers of a voice.

To ponder in the illusion of speaking outside of signification, of implications.

Will lifting the weights of meaning from our voices weave a way for true dialogues?