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joliz dela pena cyanotype

Dito sa San Jacinto, Doon sa Santo Tomas

“Dito sa San Jacinto, Doon sa Santo Tomas” is a series of cyanotype prints revived from 35mm 
photographs of the Dela Peñas’ life dating from the late 1980s to early 2000s. The original images show 
glimpses of distinct moments captured by my mother in different stages of my childhood taken within the 
two different towns I grew up in–San Jacinto and Santo Tomas. These forgotten memories revived 
through cyanotype offer another narrative and perception of what occurred during. In “Tito Club” and 
“Hampas-Palayok”, the white spaces are filled in with vibrant colors using colored pencil which 
metamorphose mundane stills to a playful and contemporary animated shot. This serendipitous 
collaboration between me and my mother triggers my subconscious and allows me not only to make my 
impression of the atmosphere inside the scenario but to pick up crumbs of my foggy childhood. 


"Kabayo sa Baguio"


joliz dela pena cyanotype tito club
joliz dela pena cyanotype pabitin hampas palayok
baguio cirty.jpg

"Tara Swimmeng"

"Tito Club"

joliz dela pena cyanotype pinsan

"Mga Magpipinsan sa Gripo"

joliz dela pena cyanotype

"Groto sa Hardin"

"It seems like every time I browse the almost worn out, yellowing pages, of my mom's photo albums containing pictures of me and my siblings in different stages of our youth, a wave of paralyzing nostalgia runs all over my body.

I only remember the blocks of colors being in that moment as a child. Looking at them through my mom's point of view is something words cannot explain."

"New Year Kina Nanay"


All works shown here are the property of Joliz Dela Pena.

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