37 DNA, 37 portraits, one beautiful evolved lineage. This project is part of my cyanotype exploration during my residency at Celine Bureau. The theme of our research focuses on the Eve Gene, whom is known as the very first woman who roamed the earth. My interpretation with this theme is very based on its scientific roots. The Eve Gene, also termed as the Mitochondrial Eve, consists of 37 unique dna which is only passed onto female offsprings. 

By the end of my residency, I was able to make patchwork pieces out of the 37 portraits I've printed using cyanotype. At the night of the finissage, I let my body communicate with the Eve Gene.


joliz dela pena celine bureau art residency

Over the course of the exhibit, I made an installation that went with my paper pieces. In the middle of the space I put a bath of water, the same tub I used to pulp and remake sheets of paper. 

Alongside the tub, I wrote instructions for the visitors to follow.